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For more than 150 years, grapevines have flourished in Lodi on farms that have rarely changed hands. Instead, they have been proudly passed from grandfather, to father, to son and daughter. Through the years, these multigenerational farming families have crossed paths in many ways, tightly weaving the legacy that stands behind Lodi wine. Lodi enjoys a classic Mediterranean climate. For decades, it has been quiet, but far from a sleeping giant, producing an astounding amount of grapes for countless wineries throughout California. Quality, not quantity, is what draws savvy wine tasters here. 

LangeTwins Family Winery 

As part of a generational farm family dating back to the 1870s, twin brothers Randall and Brad Lange grew up with the family passion for farming. With determination, they have made their ranch a benchmark vineyard property within the Lodi appellation.

McCay Cellars

McCay Cellars takes great pride in remaining true to its vineyards, and producing high quality wines that express their terroir.

Oak Ridge Winery

Today, Oak Ridge Winery is owned by the Maggio, Reynolds, and Dondero families, who are committed to introducing as many people as possible to their wonderful wines.

Peirano Estate Vineyards

The story of Peirano Estate Vineyards intertwines with the story of Lodi and dates back to the late 1870s, when Italian immigrant Giacomo Peirano joined the gold mining frenzy for a short time and then moved to the valley that would become Lodi.

The Lucas Winery

With a fervent commitment to old world winemaking principles and practices, live-for-the-vine Winemakers Heather Pyle Lucas and David Lucas founded their modest namesake winery in 1978.

Van Ruiten Family Winery

Van Ruiten Family Winery was founded 15 years ago, but its wine-growing history dates back more than 65 years. The winery was founded on John Van Ruiten Sr.’s philosophy that “exceptional grape growing should focus on the quality of grapes that come out of the vineyard, not the quantity.”

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