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Prom is considered to be the most special experience of high school. Wine and limo strive for excellence which means that your prom limousine will arrive on time and meticulously clean on the day of your prom. We have professional chauffeur who will be with them throughout the entire prom night making certain that everyone arrives safe and sound. Our prom limousines are classy, spacious, luxuries and spotless clean. We want to make your prom night most momentous experience of your life, you and your date can just enjoy your ride and we will take care of transportation and parking.

Our limousine are fully equipped with all the amenities you need during your ride to maximize entertainment. We only work with experienced drivers so that we can serve you best service.


Wine and limo provides safe and reliable concert limo services. You and your guests will travel in complete comfort and safety while having the time of your life. Our luxury limousines offer a host of amenities that will make your limousine experience entertaining so the fun can start as soon as your chauffeur picks you and your guests up.
Enjoy a fun, safe and luxurious prom night experience and know that Wine and Limo is driven to serve you! Get to know about all the available selections and how to create your own customization, just call us up today. Best Value, Selection, and Service Guaranteed!

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